Click the orange dots to discover why it's so unique

Tap the orange dots to discover why it's so unique

Optimum Bristle
Effective Tongue
Enhanced Pressure
Unique Handle
Grip Design
Our Special
Quick & Effective
Flat head bristle design

Our medium flathead filament bristles work seamlessly with the neck arch and handle design to achieve even distribution of pressure from the hand to each bristle and then to each tooth.

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Customer Reviews

Lee M - Midlands

I brush my teeth quickly and hard and did not get sensitive gums from doing it. The handle seemed to have more give in it than anything I have used before. The hole really works for me, five starts.

Harrison M - Repton

Love this toothbrush, it’s so flexible especially when I brush firmly at the back of my teeth and the bristles never seem to irritate my gums either. They are effective. The magic hole hey!!! Five stars.

Gaynor B - Oxford

I have used an electric toothbrush for years, but the problem is accessing the back of my teeth. It is so difficult with electric. This flexible brush is easy for doing that & I can apply much more pressure without hurting my gums or teeth. Love it – You must try it.

Laura H - South Kensington, London

The hole in the handle design is inspired. It’s wonderfully effective.