Are you harming your Skin? ​The Results

1. Do you know why Aloe Vera is used in so many skincare items?

Aloe Vera is a moisturizer that helps heal skin irritations, promotes new skin growth and helps slow down the aging process. Aloe Vera is made up of 99% water making it perfectly moisturize the skin as your shaving

2. Do you understand why chemicals and perfumes are used on the razor head?

A lot of companies use too many chemicals within the gel designed to smell pretty and make you think it must be good if it smells like a fresh bunch of flowers! This is not the case, in fact the more chemicals within the product the more likely you are to have an adverse side effect. (Rash, irritation, spots, soreness). Removing the unnecessary chemicals and perfumes in our Razor was a no brainer!

3. Any idea how fight horrible razor rash before it sets in?

Protect yourself using Aloe Vera and Vitamin E products to help soothe the skin before the rash sets in. Do not go against the hairs, smooth and downward is the best way to prevent irritation.

4. Can you tell when your razor is giving up?

Change your blade or upgrade your razor game. Ideally, you don’t want to ever shave with one of those cheap and less cheerful disposable razors. But if you have to, then never use it more than once.

You should also pay attention to how effective your razor is working while you shave. If you find yourself going over the same area in hopes of getting those stubborn hairs, your razor is probably past its expiration date.

5. Do you know why you bought your last razor?

Because you wasn’t as knowledgeable about shaving as you are now! Plus you didn’t know about the Domina Spirit Razor.

Did you know?

We’ve removed many ingredients found in other beauty and personal care products to make our products irritant free for as many people as possible.

We’ve removed the fragrance all together, all to give you an incredible product that won’t upset your skin.

If you want a smoother and healthier look and feel to your skin don’t pick up a razor designed to catch your eye or your senses. Use something designed to make your day to day easier and less painful.

Domina Spirit Razor

Enjoy an effortlessly smooth shave every time

Designed with comfort and convenience in mind, our Domina Spirit Women’s Razor offers a luxuriously gentle shave for silky, hairless skin. 

With a sophisticated design and non-slip handle, you can ensure a comfortable, controlled and smooth shave.

The four-blade, anti-clog shaving heads have been produced with the highest quality stainless steel, making Shelping’s Domina Spirit Women’s Razor a premium choice for shaving your legs, underarms and bikini line. 

If this sounds like the answer to your prayers, please visit removal/womens-razor/ to find out more information and order your new Domina Spirit Razor today!

We have numerous irritant free products to offer our customers on the website including hair care, home & fragrance, Skincare and many more! Treat yourself today and let your confidence do the talking from now on!

Don’t just change your brand…change your lifestyle for the better and take care of the body you’re in.

We do not think Domina Spirit Razor deserves to be on a shelf amongst 10 other razor brands. This means the Domina Spirit is exclusive to; you will not find this razor in any stores.

28 August 2020
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'smooth and effortless' i thought thy were joking but after a few shaves, it's right. it really it an effortless shave with this razor.
9 June 2020
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If there was a goddess of razors, the domina spirit would be it! Seriously, best razor ever.

Our ethos

At Shelping, we’re proud to do things a little differently. With a customer-first approach by cutting out the middle man, we are able to offer our customers premium quality at an affordable price. 

All our products have been created with people in mind and are entirely cruelty-free. 

Plus, we’re so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. What’s not to love about that?

Further top tips and guidance on anything from skincare, shaving, hair hacks and many more please visit our blog

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