Exclusive Mobile Screen Cleaner

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Keep clean during Covid-19

  • Apply anti-bacterial spray to the Shelping cleaner & watch it soak into the micro-fibre in seconds
  • It magically sticks to your Mobile ready for use throughout the day
  • It’s always with you because its on your Mobile
  • Premium quality & exclusive to Shelping.COM

Single price

RRP: £2.99
You Pay: £2.49

This screencleaner is small but MIGHTY! Love it. And they’re such a good price too and come with fast delivery, faster than Amazon sometimes!! And that’s saying something!

Greg, Midlands


Did you know?

We’ve removed many ingredients found in other beauty and personal care products to make our products irritant free for as many people as possible. 

What this means is our products won’t lather as much as others and in places, we’ve removed the fragrance all together, all to give you an incredible product that won’t upset your skin.

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Product description

Sick and tired of fingerprint marks and streaks tarnishing your phone screen? Look no further than Shelping for a simple solution.


Remove smudge marks and grease stains from screens and lenses quickly and easily with our own Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner, the perfect accessory for every device. The soft microfibre cloth removes dirt, dust and marks without leaving residue, helping to prevent scratches and leave your technological devices looking brand new.


Designed with convenience in mind, the microfibre screen cleaner can be stuck to the back of your device and peeled off when necessary. This ensures that your Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner is always available for use on your mobile phone, laptop, portable music device, or camera.

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3 reasons you'll love Shelping.

No middle man

We decided to sell directly to our customers to reduce the cost of our products because we believe everyone deserves premium products at reasonable prices.

We use our products

For us, if we don't love our products, we don't sell them and there are some that never made it to our store. So, you can take comfort in the fact that we, and our families, all use the exact same products that you'll use.

FREE delivery & Multibuy deals

As if our prices weren't already good enough, we also offer free delivery on all orders over £20 and on all multibuy deals where our products get cheaper the more you buy!

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