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12 Luxury Men’s Deodorants
Only £1.46 per/150ml can


1 Unisex, Italian Chic Facemask, from
Normally £19.99 per mask

All for £19.99 & Free Delivery

Normally £37.21 saving you a whopping £17.22!

+ Money Back guarantee

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First and foremost, customer satisfaction is paramount to us at Shelping. That is why we only send one or two free text messages a month to our customers. The text message is how we tell you about our amazing offers, like the one above.

The reason we use text messages is because it costs only 2p every time we text you. This means we do not have to pay for expensive advertising to reach you and can therefore create amazing offers with the money we save, like the one above.

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If you decide not to give us your mobile number, then of course we respect your decision and we wish you well. However, you will not be able to gain access to these text message offers again. This is the only time you will see this advert so please carefully consider your decision as we would hate for you to miss out, after all it costs you nothing to give us your mobile number and takes just a few seconds.

Once you give us your mobile number, we 100% guarantee you will only receive text message offers from Shelping and the selected partners that we work with like ‘Maskella’. If you want to stop receiving messages at any time simply reply to any text message you have received with the word ‘Stop’ and they will cease, guaranteed.

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