You’ll Never Miss a Spot
The Shelping Women’s Razor Refills are designed specifically for use with the premium Domina Spirit women’s reusable razor. Each razor blade refill comes with the luxurious quality you need and want to provide a closer, more effective shave and combines perfectly with the signature, premium razor system. Four quad blades combine with the anti-clog mechanism in the women’s razor blade cartridges to remove all unwanted hair as efficiently as possible. That means more time achieving your desired look and less time worrying about stopping and rinsing every time you go over an area.

A Premium Shaving Experience
These women’s razor refills are made with high-quality Swedish stainless steel that stays sharp for longer. You can use the same blade multiple times before you need to replace it, helping you get the most out of every shaving experience. All materials are carefully selected and designed to give you a luxurious, spa-like experience right in your own bathroom.

Locked and Loaded With Soothing Ingredients
Inside every one of these women’s razor cartridges is a lubricating strip enriched with vitamin E and Aloe Vera, giving you a smoother experience designed to reduce irritation or other unwanted results. With this strip, and the premium Teflon coating, the blades glide easily across the skin without any friction or pull. Even sensitive skin, like that in the bikini area, gets a soft break with these soothing ingredients.

Never Settle For Low Quality Again
One-time disposable women’s razors may seem more convenient, but they are often built with lower-quality materials and designed for one-time use. With this reusable women’s razor, you get a premium experience because the materials are built to last, with longer time between replacements and more uses in every razor blade cartridge. Get the best value for your money with the premium, choice women’s razor blades.

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