Designed With Sensitive Skin in Mind
The Shelping sensitive skin facial scrub is carefully formulated and dermatologically tested for use on sensitive and delicate skin. Each ingredient is selected as a kinder alternative to harsh chemical-filled facials and it’s fragrance-free for the safest and most effective solution. It works as a sensitive skin facial exfoliator and moisturising scrub all in one, so you can always feel fantastic, no matter what type of skin you have.

Premium Exfoliation Right at Home
Leave the expensive clinical treatments behind and wake up every morning feeling like you’ve just had a professional facial with this effective, yet gentle, sensitive skin facial scrub. You don’t need to pay a higher price for professional facials when you can achieve your desired effect right at home with this convenient scrub. Treat yourself to a luxurious treatment every single day.

Get Brighter, Healthier Skin Instantly
This sensitive skin exfoliating scrub works to remove dead skin cells, environmental toxins, and other impurities to reveal a healthy, fresh layer of skin. At the same time, it moisturises and hydrates the skin with enrichment from vitamin B5 to give you that softer, smoother feeling. Say goodbye to dry, cracked skin and say hello to a fresh new reflection in your mirror with this effective purifying scrub.

Use it Any Time For That Fresh Feeling
With its sensitive skin-friendly formula and ease of use, you can fit this facial scrub into any part of your daily self-care routine. Use it to start your day off right in the morning with rejuvenating exfoliation to get you through your busy day, or at night to help you wind down before bed. No matter when you use it, make this sensitive skin facial scrub a part of your daily cleansing routine and you’ll start seeing and feeling the difference.

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