Nourish Your Hard-Working Hands
The Shelping hand and nail cream is designed to provide maximum nourishment and hydration for those hard-working hands. With a dermatologically-tested formula, this skin cream is designed with sensitive skin in mind. It’s safe to use on all skin types and is loved by both men and women, giving you the hand and nail care you need even when your delicate skin has other plans.

Healthy, Soft Hands and Nails
Good hand care is important. This hand and nail lotion is designed to give you soft, luxurious hands and healthy-looking nails using hydrating ingredients enriched with vitamin B5. It provides quick nourishment at any time, ready to help you stay productive. Enjoy premium hand care no matter where your life takes you.

Dries Quickly So You Can Get Back to Your Day
There’s nothing worse than applying a hand lotion to your dry, cracked hands and dealing with a greasy, sticky solution that takes forever to absorb, especially when you work with your hands and don’t have time to wait. Some formulas are so sticky you can’t grip anything until it dries completely. That’s where this premium non-greasy and non-sticky formula comes in. This hand lotion dries quickly and won’t leave any of that oily residue, so you can get back to whatever you were doing as soon as possible.

Take it With You Wherever You Go
For easy and convenient hand care on the go, this skin cream comes in a 50ml bottle that you can easily carry around with you no matter where you go. Throw it in your work bag for some relief during the day, or in your gym bag for post-workout replenishment. Store it in your desk drawer for convenience or in your nightstand for quick relief before you go to bed. Keep this hand lotion in your car for easy moisturising during road trips or longer drives, or toss it in your purse so you can have it whenever you need it.

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