An Easy Way to Get a Stunning Blended Look
You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to get an airbrushed, blemish-free look with the Shelping makeup sponge. Its innovative shape helps you get full coverage in one quick and easy movement, without leaving any streaks or patches behind. This beauty blender has the capability to reach every area of the skin, even those hard to get corners by the nose, so you won’t have to go out and worry if you missed a spot. The makeup blender has you covered.

Safe For Any Skin Type
This beauty sponge is latex-free, making it ideal for those with latex allergies. It will work with any type of makeup and helps to protect your skin while you work on your beauty look. The soft, smooth texture is comforting on the skin so you can keep your skin as smooth as possible no matter how often you apply your makeup.

A Beauty Blender For Any Occasion
Whether you’re going for a polished work look or a glamorous night out, this makeup sponge helps you achieve professional looking results on your own. Even if you’re starting out or don’t have a lot of experience with makeup, you can get those flawless results. Choose a cosmetic sponge that can take you from day to night, or get you ready for a major event, with just one simple and easy to use tool. Throw it in your bag for a quick touch-up or use it as your daily foundation sponge before a big day ahead.

Chic and Stylish For The Makeup Fashionista
With its chic black colour, this blending sponge fits right in with any cosmetic bag or makeup collection, no matter what your personal style is. There’s no need to settle for a blending sponge in a colour you don’t like because black goes with everything! It’s an ideal foundation sponge for any skin tone and type, and allows you to easily see the makeup while you apply it so you can make sure you cover every spot necessary.

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