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Car Air Freshener (2 pk)

Infuse your car journey with delicious notes of vanilla

  • Customer approved design
  • Fully adjustable
  • Suitable for all car vents
  • Premium quality & exclusive to Shelping.COM

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“My car no longer smells of wet dog and the kids gym bags. Perfect!”

Julie, Northumberland

Did you know?

We’ve removed many ingredients found in other beauty and personal care products to make our products irritant free for as many people as possible. 

What this means is our products won’t lather as much as others and in places, we’ve removed the fragrance all together, all to give you an incredible product that won’t upset your skin.

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Keep your car smelling fantastic with Shelping’s Car Vent Air Freshener, the perfect solution for a fresh and calm interior, like it’s just been for a valet.

The air freshener works to eliminate unwanted odours and replace any unpleasant smells with aromatic notes of vanilla, ensuring you and your passengers always have a pleasant car journey.

With a simple, customer-approved design, Shelping’s Car Vent Air Freshener can be positioned on your car dashboard quickly and easily. Clip onto your car vents to infuse the inside of your vehicle with a subtle burst of vanilla and adjust according to your preferences. 


Isononyl acetate, Ethyl vanillin, Gamma-Nonanolactone, Benzyl acetate, Isopar L

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