You know what I love about Shelping.COM?

The products are great, the prices are fantastic, the delivery is quick and the customer service is incredibly personable.

You don’t get that treatment from a souless supermarket. I actually feel like a VIP when I shop with Shelping.COM.

Liam, Wandsworth

Shelping.COM is an exclusive premium brand sold at low, low prices that was created to disrupt the UK’s beauty, home and personal care market. Our business is built on the following three beliefs:


We believe everyone deserves home, beauty and personal care products that are affordable AND good for your skin.

Premium quality

We believe that everyone deserves the very best when it comes to the products they use on their skin, hair, and in the home. 


We believe that you deserve access to quick and hassle-free ordering that is delivered directly to your door. 

I wish I knew about Shelping before now! I’ve switched all my products over to Shelping.COM and have really seen a benefit on the bank balance as well as around the home. 

Shauna, Blackpool

3 reasons you'll love Shelping.

No middle man

We decided to sell directly to our customers to reduce the cost of our premium quality products because we believe everyone deserves premium products at reasonable prices.

We use our products

For us, if we don't love our products, we don't sell them and there are some that never made it to our store. So, you can take comfort in the fact that we, and our families, all use the exact same products that you'll use.

FREE delivery & Multibuy deals

As if our prices weren't already good enough, we also offer free delivery on all orders over £20 and multibuy deals where our products get cheaper the more you buy!

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