5 Reasons Why You Should Be Exfoliating Your Face!

Exfoliating, a lot of us don’t do it, or we think that going at our mush with a harsh flannel will do the job. I’m afraid that’s not the case. There’s so many reasons why your skin will thank you for using a proper facial scrub. Let’s jump into it shall we?


1. It will help every other step in your skincare routine!


Exfoliating allows all of your other products absorb better. To be able to get the maximum benefits from your serums and moisturisers you need to exfoliate. Otherwise your products need to work twice as hard to penetrate dead skin cells before getting to the skin that really matters!


2. It will improve skin appearance and texture.


Blotchy skin and flaky skin are perfect examples of uneven texture and appearance. Your skin doesn’t have to be this way! Exfoliation helps blood circulation to your face as well as smoothing your skin for a more even look and feel.


3. It will help increase the turnover of your skin cells.


Healthy skin renews every 25 to 30 days but as we get older that turnover can slow down. This can lead to skin looking dull, sallow and aged. By exfoliating you can help this process speed up revealing newer, healthier, fresher skin that is noticeably more radiant.


4. It will help prevent signs of premature ageing.


We all feel a bit tired sometimes but our skin doesn’t need to give us away! By fading areas of uneven skin, speeding up cell turnover and creating a smoother skin texture, your skin will appear noticeably younger in no time at all.


5. It helps lighten hyperpigmentation.


Whether we’re talking about age spots or acne marks or generally uneven skin tone, exfoliating can help shed areas of darkened skin to reveal brighter more even skin.


Need we say more? Not only will it feel better and look better it makes your other products work better. It’s a win win! You can get an amazing facial scrub from shelping.com for a reasonable price today and start seeing the improvements from the first use. What’s stopping you?

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