Looking After Your Hands As A Key Worker

One of the things that the Coronavirus pandemic has really driven home to us all is the importance of hand washing. For most of us, we’re washing our hands before and after leaving the house, singing happy birthday while washing them and we’re able to reach for the moisturiser if we feel our hands are a little dry.


For key workers, however, it’s not that easy as they are continually washing and sanitizing their hands throughout the day which is taking its toll. See, the outer layer of our skin is like a natural barrier that stops germs from getting into our system, but soap and the suds it creates wipes all that natural goodness away, including the natural oils that make your skin soft. So, too much washing of your hands doesn’t give your skin enough time to replenish and the result is dry, cracked skin and increased levels of eczema.


So, here are some top tips to help look after your hands as you look after the country: 


Rely on soap to kill the germs, not hot water


Hot water will dry out your skin even faster so it’s best to use warm water when washing your hands and use antibacterial soap in order to kill the germs on your hands.


Blot dry, don’t rub


A lot of hand washing means a lot of drying which can damage the skin on your hands. So try to pat or blot your hands dry instead of vigorously rubbing them with a towel.




If you are able to, once your hands are dry moisturise your hands. It’s best to use a hand cream instead of a lotion as they’re more effective.


Stay away from fragrances


The ingredients used in hand creams to give them their sweet fragrance can actually irritate chapped and sensitive skin. So find a hand cream that skips the fragrance all together.


Wear gloves where you can


This one won’t be possible for everyone, but if you can wear gloves to protect your hands and reduce over washing of your hands, do it.


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