Why Subtlety Is The Key When It Comes To Home Fragrance

If like us you live in a busy household with kids and pets you know only too well how quickly your beautiful haven can suddenly start smelling like a sports locker filled with wet dogs. The need to have non-wet dog smelling homes is why home fragrance products are now a multimillion-pound industry.


Choosing the right scent


When we were working with our manufacturer to develop a home fragrance plug-in that so many of our customers love, we wanted to focus on essential oils that are proven to help calm and reduce stress.


However, unlike other brands who combine different scents to create their plug-ins, we decided to stick with one pure fragrance; vanilla. 


The healing benefits of vanilla


Vanilla is an organic product that not only makes sponge cakes taste awesome but also has incredible mental and physical healing properties which is why it is used as an essential oil in many household and beauty products. 


Often misrepresented as bland, this little pod is the superman of essential oils that can help create comfort, bring joy and relaxation. It’s even known to be an aphrodisiac as it stimulates sex hormones and can reduce PMS symptoms. Honestly, is there nothing this small yet mighty pod cant do?


Smells like home


Remember when your mum did your laundry so when you got back to your uni digs and opened your bag it was like being hit by a fresh hug from mum? Or how about walking into your grandparent’s place and smelling those delicious homemade brownies that are waiting for you. 


See, we’re big believers in making sure our homes still bring this level of comfort to you and all your house guests which is why we recommend keeping your plugin on low to medium so that you can still be comforted by the smell of home while also getting subtle hints of delicious vanilla as you move throughout your house. 


The Mother-in-Law test


When you have the need for a stronger fragrance in your home (perhaps the MiL is on her way over and you want to hide the wet swim kit you forgot to wash 3 days ago) you can simply whack up the strength of the plugin to get an extra kick of vanilla throughout your home to stave off any snarky comments. 


Just remember to turn it back down once she’s left so you can go back to your joy-inducing, relaxed home!


New customer reviews


We asked one of our latest customers what she thought of the plug-in:


As soon as I opened the packet I was hit by the beautiful smell of vanilla, one of my favourite scents. I plugged it in, in quite a high traffic place in my home with little air-flow, so it can often become a little stale in terms of smell and now every time I walk into that room I get a deliciously subtle taste of vanilla which instantly makes me smile. I’ll certainly be buying these again as it doesn’t take over my home, it just compliments it.


What do you think? Have you tried our Vanilla Plug-In yet? If so, why not drop us a review to [email protected]

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