3 Top Tips For Super Smooth Legs

Do you long for silky smooth shiny legs? If the answer is yes then we can help.


Follow our routine below and you’ll have pins to be proud of when lockdown ends and summer officially begins!


This is the first and most crucial step. You have to exfoliate at least twice a week to rid your legs of all the dead skin cells and product build-up. You can buy body scrubs online, or make your own at home with some olive oil and sugar. Just don’t use the homemade solution on your face as your facial skin won’t like the oil. Instead, try our facial scrub here.


Get yourself a good quality razor and with water and some shaving cream, shave up the leg against the grain for a super close shave. If you don’t have shaving cream to hand, don’t worry because conditioner works wonder and it gives your legs some super needed moisturising hydration.


Once you’ve exfoliated and shaved, its time to moisturise. Get yourself a good moisturiser and moisturise your legs after every shave, shower and bath. This will keep your skin supple and super smooth. For extra protection, don’t forget suncream if your legs are out and on show. Choose a good suncream with SPF 30 and a minimum of 4 stars.

Simple, right?

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