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Child's Toothbrush (2-5 years)

Dive into dental care with Shelping’s orca-shaped Child’s Toothbrush!

  • Fun orca design
  • Soft bristles for a gentle clean
  • Non-slip handle
  • Premium quality & exclusive to Shelping.COM
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Since this toothbrush turned up, my 3 year old wants to brush her teeth at least 10 times a day as she loves the orca design. It’s like I have a totally different child when it comes to toothbrushing now. Thanks Shelping! 5* 

Liam, Preston

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We’ve removed many ingredients found in other beauty and personal care products to make our products irritant free for as many people as possible.

What this means is our products won’t lather as much as others and in places, we’ve removed the fragrance all together, all to give you an incredible product that won’t upset your skin.

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Product Description

Designed for 2-5-year-olds, this toothbrush will make your child’s regular teeth cleaning as fun, comfortable and effective as possible. 


With soft bristles and a petite brush head, our Child’s Toothbrush offers a gentle clean for developing teeth, preventing the build-up of harmful bacteria and keeping your little one’s gums happy and healthy. 


With a fun and unique whale design, every child is sure to look forward to morning and bedtime tooth brushing.


The toothbrush also features a comfortable, non-slip handle to enable controlled brushing and ensure your child can clean those difficult-to-reach areas. 


During your child’s early years, protect their teeth and teach them the importance of effective cleaning with help from Shelping’s dental care range.

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